2020 Election: Prime Time for Going ALL-IN on Women’s Equality

This is the debut post of HearMeRoar 2020

We get one vote; and the candidates of 2020 are well on their way to asking for it. But the 2020 presidential election is a very special election year indeed. Well: that is for women anyway.

The Significance of the 2020 Election

The first time women were allowed to vote in a presidential election was on Tuesday, November 2nd 1920. The upcoming presidential election of 2020 will be held exactly one day after the 100th year anniversary… and that deserves our attention.

In a perfectly poetic world, women of the United States would mark the significance of this 100 year anniversary by banding together November 3rd, 2020 to serve Mr. Trump, a most fitting defeat, by installing a female Commander in Chief.

But, of course, no one can predict who will prevail in the primary…so we’ll have to hold off on poetic justice for just a little while. So in the meantime, let’s have some fun while learning exactly what each candidate has to offer the female population when it comes to equality.

For the 2020 election, I am dedicating myself to getting to the truth that lives within every single candidate…the good, the bad, the nasty as it pertains to equality for our daughters. HereMeRoar2020 will serve as my outlet and repository for everything related to the rights and equality of females.

Topics we’ll cover

  • I’m going to remind myself that the right to vote didn’t come easy. Stories of our mothers’, grandmothers’ and great-grandmothers’ 70 year battle will surface.
  • We’ll reveal what candidates really think of females by exploring voting records and the backgrounds of candidates running for President, Congress and Senate (progressive and oppressive)
  • We’ll discuss the progress of the Equal Rights Amendment…you know, the amendment that men have been saying “no” to since 1943 that would make females equal to males in the constitution.
  • We’ll explore the meaning of archaic laws still in existence.
  • You’ll learn ways to get involved if interested.
  • You’ll see pictures meant to provoke a thoughtful approach to your 2020 vote (who really benefits)
  • And we’ll label candidates in bold letters who have been accused of sexual misconduct, assault or discrimination of women. Nothing too fancy – something like this:
presidential candidates accused of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, or discrimination of a woman
Nothing Fancy, Sexual Allegation Labeling

The Focus of HearMeRoar 2020

While there are an overwhelming number of issues that positively burn our brain, such as:

  • The constant, unrelenting squeeze on middle America
  • Nazi, racist, nationalist uprising
  • Elected officials being paid to vote against working class initiatives
  • Billionaire tax cuts
  • Separating families at the border
  • A $7.25 hourly minimum wage decided by people making $174,000 per year with full benefits…FOR LIFE

…there is no doubt that 2020 is shaping up to be another election between the have and the have-nots.

The focus for HearMeRoar 2020 will be to highlight how likely a 2020 Election Candidate is to finally put our nation’s daughters on equal ground with our nation’s males.

The Time For Women’s Equal Rights is 2020

Why 2020? If not on the 100 Year anniversary of being “allowed” to vote…then when? The year 2020 is the perfect time to sink our teeth into Women’s Rights & Women’s Equality Initiatives and to intentionally choose the advancement of our daughters over the advancement of billionaires.

2020 election voting for equality and social justice.
Your 2020 vote is guaranteed to benefit one of these lifestyles

Equal Rights Amendment Education

Believe it or not, the Equal Rights Amendment is thought to already be in place…it is NOT in place because the men in power (and some wealthy women) have been shooting it down since 1943.

Women do not have equal rights according to the constitution and if some states get their way, women never will be constitutionally equal. Seriously, every time we vote for a candidate who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about our daughters having equal rights with males we knock her down…notch by little notch.

It is time for everyone to be educated on the Equal Rights Amendment. It is time for everyone in the nation to know which politicians believe that women and girls are not equal to men and boys. It is time to learn exactly which states are holding onto their control of women.

I welcome you to join and follow.

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