Suffrage FAQ

Suffrage Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

What does Suffrage mean?

Suffrage literally means: the right to vote. It is a noun

Why is is called Suffrage?

Because Suffrage is a real word. Although not a highly used word today, Suffrage was used all the time in the 1800’s and 1900’s before everyone had the right to vote.

Why have I never heard the word Suffrage before?

Because everyone now has the right to vote. Well, almost everyone. People under 18 in the United States do not have suffrage.

What is a Suffragist?

A person who believes in the principles of voting rights.

Who are Suffragists?

Groups of people who believe in the principles of voting rights.

How do I use Suffrage in a sentence?

I don’t really give it much thought, but I’m truly grateful to have been given suffrage.

A seventeen year old US citizen does not have suffrage.

What is a Suffragette?

Suffragettes were a spin-off of the women’s suffragist movement. Unhappy with the lack of progress Suffragettes were far more rebellious in their tactics.

What is the difference between a Suffragist and a Suffragette?

Suffragists took a poised, gentle approach of getting the right to vote by repeatedly asking and trying to convince lawmakers they were worthy of suffrage. Suffragettes were fed up with the lack of progress and organized more rebellious tactics such as protests, rallies and marches.

What is an Anti-Suffragist?

Someone who opposed suffrage. Anti-Suffragists did not believe in the right of blacks and/or women to vote.

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